What is Open Source Finance?

Open Source Finance is a blog to document and unpack the complex and fast-moving world of Web 3.

The pace of change in the world is speeding up, and as a space built on the ethos of open participation, Web 3 can (often counterintuitively) be prone to obfuscation and technical complexity. Open Source Finance is an attempt to make Web 3 friendlier and more accessible by reducing its surface area to a few core ideas, published every fortnight or month or so.

I make no prior commitment regarding the contents of this blog. In a way, its a personal space to structure my own thoughts and spotlight parts of the space I’m excited about.

I hope you enjoy your time here, anon!

About Park Yeung

Hi, I’m Park! I’m an economist by training. After a 5-year career in finance, I am returning to graduate school, while retraining as a developer, so I can build meaningfully in the Web 3 space.

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